Cutting-edge online technology and strategies designed for today's competitive cycling market.


We help Bike Shops Multiply
Sales with Effective Digital Marketing

A lot of Aussie bike shops are struggling with their sales.
The price battle against overseas online retail is just putting them out of business!

We have picked the right marketing tools that will help your bike shop increase sales and retain customers.

Digital Marketing is a broad and complex science; every business deserves unique attention and has different requirements.
We've been in the bike industry for over a decade and have seen all the transformations!

This is why we can pick the tools that will help you the best possible way to scale and keep up with the fight.

A Turnkey Solution for Success

We know how busy you are! and we know that finding time to setup and manage your online presence can be challenging. Today's cycling market has rapidly changed, and it will keep changing even faster! That's why we are committed to assist in your bike shop's success by providing tools and expertise that deliver REAL RESULTS.

Bike Workshop helps your business to develop an affordable, yet highly Competitive Online Presence.

  • More Sales

  • More Web Traffic

  • More Foot Traffic

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How BikeWorkshop can partner with you

Our solutions align your business with modern customers' trends and behaviour so you can meet their individual expectations.
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The easiest way to Update and manage your website.

Forget about those complicated and scary control panels! We offer the simplest and easiest content management system (CMS) under the sun! You can use our CMS to make changes to your website anytime without messing up your beautiful website!